DefenceToday – Air, Land, Maritime Capabilities

Australian Air Power

Australian FA/18F Super Hornet refuels at night over an Iraq city.

Land Force Operations

M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank.

Maritime Power

Preparing an MRH90 Helicopter for flight of HMAS Canberra LHD.

Tiger ARH – in the crosshairs

Despite some solid progress over the past four years, the Australian Army’s Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter continues to attract its fair, some would say unfair, share of criticism. The ARH […]

Iran Rising – Implications for the West

Iran seems on a roll.  A nuclear weapons deal has removed sanctions, releasing embargoed funds, its military forces appear winning in Syria and Iraq, new long-range ballistic rockets are being […]

Connecting the nodes… Airborne Gateway

One high priority concept being pursued under Air Force’s ‘Plan Jericho’ is the use of electronic gateways to link platforms across the whole Defence Force, allowing data to flow freely […]

Defining the Smart Tanker

The RAAF’s KC-30A tanker is having a big year in 2017 – with important milestones achieved and the continuing development of its capabilities and additional aircraft delivered. The KC-30A has […]

Next Generation Jammer for EA-18G ‘Growler’

A major announcement from the recent Avalon Air Show by Defence Minister Marise Payne revealed that Australia has entered into an agreement with the US Navy to co-develop elements of […]

Cyberattacks – bits with more byte

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement last year that Australia has the capability to conduct cyberattacks came as no surprise to regular observers of the Australian Defence scene. Recent Defence White […]

Australian airpower’s tough South China Sea challenge

The RAAF is in the midst of a large-scale replacement program but the strategic goalposts have just changed mid-game.  Two major events have driven this change: the development of new […]

Air Force gears up for Avalon Air Show

Aircrews are practising their right stuff in aircraft such as the F/A-18F Super Hornet and F/A-18A Hornet along with the C-17A ‘Globemaster III’ and KC-30A Multi-Role Tanker Transport in preparation […]

Super Hornet & Growler – Air Force’s smartest buys?

New generation aircraft types typically attract controversy, as problems arising during the manufacturing and operational development phases have to be rectified, often at high cost, which ultimately drives up the […]

New maritime surveillance capability with P-8A Poseidon

Long range airborne maritime patrol has always been a key capability for Australia’s defence strategy, so the acquisition of the P-8A Poseidon LRMP aircraft to replace the ageing AP-3C Orion […]