Becoming an Air Force pilot

Air Force has hundreds of career options, from musicians and engineers, doctors and mechanics, to air combat officers and pilots.

Young men and women contemplating a career as an Air Force Pilot can look forward to years of exciting and challenging flying in modern aircraft. Becoming a pilot is an incredibly rewarding and challenging career choice.

The first step in becoming a pilot is to apply to Defence Force recruiting at or call 13 19 01.

You don’t need any technical expertise or flying experience to apply to be an Air Force pilot – we’ll teach you that! We are looking for people who can adapt to new situations quickly, can think logically and make decisions, and who have a broad range of interests and abilities.

Those selected will progress to 24 weeks of pilot training on the CT-4B basic flying aircraft at the Basic Flying Training School in Tamworth. Students then undertake 37 weeks of training with the PC-9/A aircraft at Number 2 Flying Training School at RAAF Base Pearce.

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