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Australia’s grand naval shipbuilding plan

Australia has long built warships and submarines, albeit on a stop-go basis. However, the shipyard infrastructures for each new build and the associated skills developed during the construction phase have […]

ASW in the Asia-Pacific

With the ever increasing threat of war with North Korea, the rise of Chinese territorial ambitions in the South China Sea and unrest throughout the region, much of the world’s […]

Need for organic amphibious capability

In July an Australian & New Zealand Amphibious Ready Group made history with the largest amphibious assault by Australian forces in 70 years. The event during Exercise Talisman Saber 2017, […]

Fifth generation surface warfare fleet emerges

Since the Cold War ended the US Navy has dominated the seas, and this has allowed Western navies to focus on projecting power from the sea, generally in support of […]

Team tactics – Poseidon takes on ASW

The successful prosecution of Anti-Submarine Warfare in the modern sense is very much a team effort, requiring a multi-layered capability of high end platforms along with close cooperation between the […]

Defining Australia’s future submarine

Project Sea 1000 aims to deliver twelve regionally superior submarines to the Royal Australian Navy from the early 2030s to replace the current fleet of six Collins class boats.Australia’s unique […]

China launches first Type 055 Destroyer

The entry into service of the new Type 055 destroyer is unlikely to provide a major boost in capability to the Chinese Navy (the PLA-N), instead representing a continuing evolutionary […]

North Korea’s Submarines

Although comprising mostly outdated and ageing vessels, North Korea’s submarine fleet will pose a threat, during a conflict, to ships operating close to the Korean coastline. Outside of declared hostilities […]

Long War in the Greater Middle East

Australia has been part of America’s long war since it began in 2001 with the Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on New York and Washington DC. Al-Qaeda framed the war as a […]

Flying the F-35 – a pilot perspective

The F-35A Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) has been the most controversial combat aircraft acquisition Australia has entered into since the heady days of the F-111 strike/reconnaissance platform 50 years […]