Air Force gears up for Avalon Air Show

Aircrews are practising their right stuff in aircraft such as the F/A-18F Super Hornet and F/A-18A Hornet along with the C-17A ‘Globemaster III’ and KC-30A Multi-Role Tanker Transport in preparation for the largest air show in the Southern Hemisphere, the Avalon Air show.

Australian Defence Force aircraft will join a contingent of other military aircraft from several countries along with civilian aircraft for a week at Avalon airfield west of Melbourne, Victoria in late February.

The awesome power of military aviation will take centre stage at AIRSHOW 2017. In all, almost 50 RAAF aircraft will take part in a series of high octane flying displays and fascinating ground exhibits. There will be fourteen jet fighter aircraft, Super Hornets, Classic Hornets and Hawks taking part in simulated combat manoeuvres and air warfare scenarios.

Heavy lift leviathans, Globemaster, Hercules and Spartan will also display their agility and handling qualities.

The RAAF will also bring its newest maritime patrol aircraft, the P-8 Poseidon, to the event and a host of multi role transport and tanker aircraft.

The Wedgetail (airborne early warning and battle control aircraft) will also play a key role in the Air Force’s flying displays.

The ever popular Roulettes, the RAAF’s own world class aerobatic team, will also appear.

In addition to its modern day aircraft, the Air Force will also display a number of its vintage aircraft and classic warbirds. The event will also feature the best collection of aerobatic daredevils ever to be gathered together for an Australian aviation event.

On the ground military re-enactment groups will turn back the pages of history.

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